We have always read the mechanical sector market with awareness. In doing so, the need and opportunity to change processes emerged. We funded the learning of new skills to improve production, quality and control of products. Our goal is to increase the competitiveness of the production chain. We strengthen our leadership by expanding our presence on established and new markets. The process of technological innovation and internal reorganization made us invest in two new machines that increase the processing system and allow new processes. We have expanded the range of products we can offer to customers. A process supported by the contribution of € 120,866.19 paid on 22/11/2019 by the European Regional Development Fund POR FESR EMILIA-ROMAGNA 2014/2020 with a grant from the project: "TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION IN MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT AND NEW MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE FOR QUALITY CONTROL AND CUSTOMER SCHEDULING ". The new CNCs are fully integrated with the production cycle thanks to the connection to the production and design server, and a new software. The interventions in the project are a process innovation as they have allowed Borelli TC to achieve complex objectives such as:
  • The reduction of execution times
  • The reduction of industrial production costs
  • The improvement of production efficiency
  • The increase of the current quality standards and customer monitoring