An optimized production layout

The extension of the production plant, which we have talked about many times in the latest news, has allowed us to redesign the production layout of the new spaces from a Lean Production perspective.

As well explained in this article, we have not revised the production layout following only the dictates of the Lean model. We have and are working to employ the philosophy of Lean Production and give a real improvement of processes and production efficiency.

Warehouse area of ​​the new factory
Production area and offices

In these images you can see how the new Borelli-TC headquarters provides:

  • A completely covered loading and unloading area
  • An area of ​​1400 m2 used as a warehouse
  • A production area with work islands of 3000 m2.
  • A new office area on two floors of 500 m2, in which we will host the executive part and 2 meeting rooms.

The look of renewal, the optimization of the departments, the technological investments and the efforts made with a view to industry 4.0 combined with the attention to environmental sustainability issues, represent the perspective with which the management of Borelli-TC intends to proceed over the years to to come.

Detail of the production line