Efficient parts washing, packing and shipping

The increase in surface area thanks to the new production layout that we have already told you in "production layout optimization", has introduced a warehouse area of ​​1400m2, an office area on two floors of 500m2 and an extension of the production department of 3000m2.

These new dimensions are allowing us to efficiently manage the increase in production. They are also stimulating us by making the company more and more technological and organized.

For this reason, in March 2021 (strategic investments of 2021) we installed a tunnel washing machine that we strategically placed in the packaging and shipping area. The tunnel washing machine shortens packing and shipping times, guaranteeing the customer the required level of contamination.

The machine is a L 2B HT Tunnel from TEKNOX, a company specializing in consulting, design and construction of parts washing tanks and industrial systems for metal washing.

At Borelli Transmission Components we have always paid attention to the many and important phases that follow the production phase, with carefully designed and modeled packaging that makes transport and shipments safe.
You can check an example in this detail.

The new covered area dedicated to the loading and unloading of trucks is perfectly in line with the new vision with which we want to grow the company.

Our goal is to support continuous improvement of all processes to protect the reliability and professionalism that we have always guaranteed to the large national and international mechanical industries that have chosen us or intend to choose us as their TIER1 supplier.