Partners, consultants and technologies

We have chosen to make the necessary choices to guarantee the highest level of service and production in line with the parameters that characterize a TIER1 supplier. For this reason we have the trust of important national and international brands.

This choice also means not losing sight of the fact that many skills to grow with a harmonious and controlled development come from the collaborations and choices of the right partners and consultants.

Industrial and strategic development

In this blog we want to talk about the relationship that binds us to DTM Engineering which is helping us in the industrial and strategic development as well as in the quality of our management system.

Combining our needs with the skills of DTM, we worked on optimizing the production layout (we talked about it in this blog a few months ago). This is a project that makes the department more efficient, reducing waste and non-productive times.

Industrial development is supported by the three-dimensional modeling of production spaces for the purpose of the most correct integration of plants, machinery, available resources and the developments necessary for the installation of the new plant.

The development project was carried out thanks to advanced Project Management techniques.

DTM Engineering is also supporting us in the evolution of our management system already compliant with the ISO 9001 standard towards compliance with the IATF16949 standard specific to the Automotive sector.

Technological equipment

Another of the choices that we consider strategic is the choice of technologies.

For months we have been working on a project to improve the computerization of production scheduling. As soon as we put it to the test we will be able to tell you more and we will be happy to give you some data.

The final goal of the production scheduling project is to add NCIM software for production to our Gamma management software, extending functionality and dialogue between the software.

We consider IT the nervous system of a company that transmits time and content to the machines and operators, capable of returning useful parameters for evaluating the performance of the entire production plant.
Partners, consultants and technologies are three fundamental areas to complement our skills in order to achieve growth objectives in certain times.