Versatile manufacturing is important.

One of the facts of mechanics, a fact that is certainly also found in other sectors, is that the market often dictates the new rules of the game, creating an impact on the way, times and technologies of production.

Don't chase the market

Those who deal with third-party processing as a first-level supplier of major brands in the mechanical industry and work in various sectors such as the automotive industry, construction, agricultural machinery and industrial plants, cannot chase the market or try to chase it.

You must necessarily use your experience to interpret the signs of change and play in advance, making yourself ready "at the starting blocks".

It is important to be able to satisfy requests respecting the times and methods useful to the customer with a production line that has been tested and ready to produce. For this reason, the design of production goes hand in hand with technological innovation, with the study of new solutions and with new investments.

Be versatile

Borelli Transmission Components has decided to increase the number of machines to have an enhancement of the versatility of our production and backup, improving production capacity and optimizing processes that previously required multiple turning phases in a single machining center.

We have purchased a new OKK HM630 0 which will join its “twin sister” which is part of our current fleet and a Toyoda FH630 SX-I which allows us to produce high precision parts and is equipped with a dedicated software package to optimize processes without having to handling the piece on other machines.

Be more and more reliable

We know how difficult these last years are to interpret. The world is facing an emergency that has changed and is still changing times, costs and production volumes. Our choice is to train and prepare ourselves to manage the innovations brought to the market by these changes. We have chosen to invest in the plant, staff, software and hardware, adjusting the investments to bring us organic growth and become even more reliable.

Our territory, the Apennines and Porretta Terme, are a scenario that allows us to combine industry, beauty and quality of life. The life of those who live in a healthy and resourceful environment, a territory where technicians, managers and owners work side by side so that the quality of work and production is the result of their skills.