News in production

In the new production plant we have already told you about here, we installed a Filtering Group FAMA T8/ OIL produced by Fama Srl, aimed at the aspiration of oily mists. The system, as you could see from the picture, is already installed and will be soon operative and working.

Filtering group model FAMA/T8

Among other news, a new Toyoda FH630SX-i work center has just arrived. It further expanded our production capacity as TIER1 providers, aiming to optimize deliveries and make them more effective.

The new Toyoda FH630SX-i upon arrival

Furthermore Borelli TC, in addition to constantly expanding its production capacity, has an interest in well-being in the workplace in its DNA.Among the strategic choices of the general management is the desire to offer increasingly modern environments, greener and areas dedicated to refreshment and confrontation between workers. Quality and well-being of the workplace are daily topics to lead Borelli-TC toward a sustainable future made of new productive bets.

Indoor plants between productive islands and next to protected paths