Our Forest

In December 2022 Borelli’s Green Forest was officially born, our forest of trees created together with Treedom.
It is a concrete investment for the future that we are proud to have made, because today they are only seedlings, but tomorrow they will be trees that will guarantee food, shelter and income for the local communities who will take care of them, as well as helping to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

The trees planted with Treedom grow on the land of farmers in various parts of the world, where they also grow annual crops and graze farm animals.
In this way a virtuous circle is created: trees offer a series of precious benefits both to the local people who host them and to the planet.

To give a concrete sign of our commitment to the environment and to the community, we have planned an initial planting of 200 trees, but we hope to further grow our forest over the next few years.

This choice was not made just to invest in a project in which we believe like that of Treedom, but pursues the sustainability perspective that is part of the strategic development roadmap and the look towards the future of Borelli Transmission Component.