In a hyper-globalized market, being able to be competitive outside national borders is, particularly for an SME, a complex challenge. Our company's growth has been strong in recent years, in part and above all because we have managed to meet this challenge, winning the trust of important international clients. But how was it possible to do this?

A decisive role in the process of expanding trade borders has played, and will continue to play, our home land: Emilia-Romagna. Our foreign customers know that by choosing Borelli they can count not only on a historic company, capable of holding together artisan vocation and technological progress, but on an entire industrial fabric rich in important supply chains: many SMEs operating in the same territory, within a radius of a few kilometers, each able to do its part by guaranteeing high quality standards and, above all, from which it is possible to obtain the finished product directly.

The possibility of having a concentrated production process in a single geographic area from which excellent quality products come out is viewed with great favor by foreign customers and is a key strength for all companies in the area. If enhanced in the right way, as our management has been striving to do for years, it can translate into a decisive attractive element.