On Saturday, September 9, we had the pleasure of participating in the 60th anniversary celebration of Comur, a historic company in Gaggio Montano that produces machine tools for gears and specializes in gear cutting machines, of which we are longtime customers.

There are many things that bind us to Comur. In addition to a solid and successful business relationship that has lasted for years, we are neighbors and share the same sense of belonging to the territory and community of which we are a part. Just like us, Comur is a family-run company, which started as a small business in 1963 and has grown steadily over time thanks to a bright and innovative entrepreneurial vision, yet one that has chosen not to abandon its homeland.

For us part of Borelli, participating in the celebration was not only a moment to celebrate the history of a business reality of which we are proud to be a business partner, but also a moment to strengthen our sense of belonging to the local industrial community. One of the strengths of our area is precisely the presence of so many different but similar specialized companies that working in synergy create a production chain capable of attracting customers from all over the world. It may be trite, but union really does make strength. And it is also thanks to events like these that we have the opportunity to remember and emphasize this.