Our history is about who, throwing a seed in the 1966 has been able to upgrade and trasform himself with a continuous growth that led us firmly here.

Our History combined with commitment and passion
led us to compete on the actual global market.

As partner of important OEM we are involved in a continous growth path guaranteeing the highest reliability, quality and flexibility.

We provide a technical support for a complete co-design activity looking at the product customization in each application.

The ownership and the management work in synergy to give specific answers respecting the requirements, managing the whole flow from the raw materials acquisition to the final product, including all the manufacturing operations.

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We have defined and choosen an ethical and sustainability code which involved all the stakeholders.
We believe it’s necessary to demonstrate the commitment and the guarantees that we can adsolve in term of environmental protection, training project, privacy.

Ownership and management choose to invest in extension, communication, human resource and training because the company could be a global partner, offering the experience of those who have been working with international customers and who deliver all over the world.
We have ethics, history and professionalism.