quality co-design pro-engineering logistics & industry 4.0

The specific customer’s requirements and the applicable regulations impose us the most quality rigorous standards and the higher added value to the product.
For this reason we can satisfy all the quality requests with competence and technical know how.

We work everyday to improve our processes with the effort of a zero defect quality policy that supports us in a continuos improvement of our performances.


Our competence is necessary to support the customer in each production development phases. Our technical Department with other ones, evaluate the best solutions to improve lead time of the manufacturing process and to optimize costs.

We can study, if requested, dedicated solutions to control specific characteristics including also leak test.


The enginneering of manufacturing process is supported by CAD/CAM software. Due to the simulation we reduce the risk and the lead time for prototype and the start up series production.

It gives us the possibility to be more flexible and to have a proactive approach to avoid problems on the manufacturing cycle and to improve quality on final product.

logistics & industry 4.0

The company invested in Industry 4.0 , improving the scheduling of production flow and implementing a monitoring system to track in every moment the orders status and respond to the logistic needs.

We have a warehouse that gives us the highest flexibility and just in time delivery, sharing, if necessary, storage areas for customers stocking.